Dia de la Muertos

Dia de la Muertos.  Sounds ohhhhh soooo much better than Halloween, doesn't it? Kinda makes sense; it's a sweet party time holiday, not a creepy one, a time  when those of Mexican ancestory honor their departed love ones.  

Never one to miss a party; the House of Brevard has just the right touch to bring an ancient rite visually forward into the 20th century.  Crosses and skulls.  We're not talking cliche, been there, done that skulls or crosses.  We're talking sterling silver, 18k, diamond, pearl and gemstone skulls and hand carved imperfect crosses.  These are the real deal, and will look current whether you're adorning your ears, neck, fingers or wrist.  In fact, we'd be hard pressed to imagine any part of your skeleton that won't shake, rattle and roll at the idea of House of Brevard jewelry.

Happy Halloween peeps.  Have fun tonight !  Oh, and by the way, stash a few Reese's peanut butter cups for us!  xoxo

E is for Enamel

Enamel has the most insane history. It’s basically like taking a crash course in art history. Showing up first with the Mycenae and the  Egyptians, enamel eventually migrated to the Indians Maharaj's and finally to  my daughters’ favorite Russian Matryoshka doll
Although born of fire and earth, enamel has noble origins.  the technique was initially developed to break up the monochromatic appearance of gold. Ironically gold is what gives enamel its strength.  While most trends fall in and out of favor, enamel's appeal is evergreen.  Think back to this Cartier flower brooch that women (at least my grandmother) wore during the 50's to this panther ring from the 70s'; Was this the first in the series from Cartier?  They look current and modern;  I just can't get enough of them!  
Lauren Harper's NEXT collection marries the classic handmade enamel work of 15th century Italy with the sensibility of modern millennial style.  Like I said; I just can't get enough…Enamel. 

The Bee is the new Bird

The Bee is the new Bird.


It’s been some years now that the magnificent honeybee has been growing in the news and in our conscience. Reports of their frightening disappearance and the environmental discussions of their significance in our survival are all but written in science. All things said and continue to say aside. The bee is buzzing in fashion. We see it in architecture, fine and fashion Jewelery accessories end even on the runway.


COUP captures the beautiful geometric honeybee in their collection ready to show at #capsuleNY accessories show this month.  Here is a sweet little taste. 


I’m seeing a LOT of ombré these days. I suppose it’s always been an inspiration. I collect decanters and all things cup ware and the 60s’ was an awesome time for ombré and color blocking.  See my vintage glasses? I got those junking in Canada for $2.

  I haven’t seen a lot of ombré in metalwork so I am especially excited to introduce Silversheep Jewelry. I personally love playing with different patinas and treatments on silver and precious gold. The effect from the different techniques on gold is especially badass. In the case of gold, it must be heat-treated which is a complicated process. Sterling on the other hand takes gentle strokes of brush treatments before polishing.   Throw in the lines and curves of classic and wearable shapes and voilà, Silversheep jewelry baby. Bah Bah Bahhd’Ass. 

House Of Brevard

Something about House of Brevard baffles me. It's not always easy categorizing a jewelry type. I want to call them classic or timeless but it appears that all designers find themselves to be timeless or classic.  When it comes to this pioneer in the fashion meets fine jewelry genre, he has proven to be timeless, definitely classic and marketable but I would add edgy.  His earrings are almost always bought as singles and worn unconventionally with mismatched styles and multiple finishes.  I love the drilled stones as a pair for some occasion but I also like to throw a little el Diablo to my second piercing when feeling devilish. That’s just me. I asked my fried to sum up her thoughts and they turned out to look more conservative which led me to this note. Is he edge or is he conservative? Can you be both? It appears House of Brevard is just that. #HouseOfBrevard